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  • When calling the main number at ProVantage, (919) 600-6160, the menu options have changed.  Please listen carefully, press 1 for Recruiting and press 2 for Scheduling.
  • Please also remember to communicate via email as well!


  • Please send in pictures to, remember to include the location of the project and employee names.
  • When sending photos to marketing, please make sure the dress code is being followed: ProV shirts tucked in, blue Jeans or khakis (no rips, holes, or tears), steel toe shoes, or approved safety shoes, etc.
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Employee Spotlight of The Week!


"Shout out to Ashley for her efforts with staffing and constantly checking on me! 
She's a breath of fresh air!!"


             - Brent Carpenter, Field Manager


Good Day All,
It has been a very busy and unprecedented year for ProVantage.  COVID took the country and our industry by surprise, but after a brief delay, our teams responded quickly to a large volume of work.  Through your efforts and commitment, ProVantage experienced a record number of employees working from June through September to meet the surge in demand for our services.  The rapid increase in business, after a short furlough period in Q2, fueled dramatic growth in our employee base and placed pressure on tenured employees to deliver quality services shift-on-shift as we brought new talent onboard.  The hard work, flexibility, perseverance, and sacrifices of our employees are greatly appreciated.  We cannot sustain our success without your commitment to our purpose and values.  Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do, for your teammates, our company, and our clients.
Our business is a cyclical one, meaning we see periods where we have a large number of projects in-flight and times when client work decreases greatly.  Traditionally, our ‘slow period’ occurs during the holiday season due to a majority of our clients choosing to hold off on remodels/resets until after the new year so they may focus on maximizing business during the holidays.  We are now approaching that period.
The good news is that we have continuous work with a few of our clients during this slow period, but unfortunately it is not enough to provide assignments to our entire workforce.  We realize the impact that a lack of assignments has on our employees and our goal is to keep as many employees working as possible.  Our approach will be to match available employees to project openings with preference being given to those employees who:
⦿  Have solid attendance records
      ○ Accept greater than 95% of their assignments
      Average less than 1 call out per month
      Have 0 no call/no shows (NCNSs)
⦿  Have an overall grade average above 3.0
⦿  Have experience with the client that has the work
⦿  Have experience with the type of work to be performed
The travel distance from the employee’s current or home location will also be considered.  In all cases, our focus will be to field as strong of a team as possible for each client engagement.
With the slow period quickly approaching, we recommend all employees prepare for a shortage of work heading into the new year.  During this period consideration should be given to:
⦿  Securing seasonal work outside of ProVantage until our workload increases
⦿  Applying for unemployment to help offset your financial needs
⦿  Visiting family and friends to recharge after months on the road
⦿  Scheduling medical exams or vehicle maintenance to ensure both body and equipment are ready for the new year
Scheduling will be communicating periodically to keep our workforce informed of upcoming work.  As project openings surface and employees are matched to the work requirements, the Scheduling team will reach out to confirm availability before sending out an assignment.  There is no need to email, text, or call Scheduling looking for work.  Simply monitor your ProVantage email regularly for updates and return any calls promptly.
Should your personal email address, home address, and/or primary phone number change, please ensure you let our HR team know of these changes.  In addition, please keep an eye on our FaceBook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages, and take advantage of our Rosewood University offerings and Leadership Live events.
Again, our goal is to keep as many employees working as possible.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
The great news is that we have a very strong pipeline of projects beginning in the new year and we expect that we will need to ramp up quickly to meet that demand.  As that time nears, we will keep everyone informed.  And we ask that when the call comes, please be ready to hit 2021 refreshed and eager to contribute.
Many thanks and stay safe.
Scott J. Medeiros, Executive Vice President of Operations


There's no "I" in "team"

We Before Me is a core value we like to highlight.  

Having that core value has helped us achieve great results by working together with collaboration and cooperation.

We’ve all heard it’s important to be a team player, but what does it really mean? Foremost, it means working for the good of the team, rather than your own individual goals. And, that means dropping the personal pronouns—because as you know, there is no “i” in teamwork! 

Nobody wants to work with someone who is wrapped up in their own accomplishments and always looking out for number one. To work as a team, you’ve got to abandon the “me, myself and I syndrome” and see yourself as one part of a unit—each one fulfilling a specific role to reach a bigger goal. 
A team player is someone who...
  • Understands their unique role and those of their team members
  • Capitalizes on each other’s strengths to accomplish objectives
  • Does not view themselves as more important than others
  • Attributes equal value and weight to each members’ contributions
  • Is respectful toward others, despite differing opinions and personalities
  • Is reliable when they make a commitment to get something done
  • Does not sit idly by while others bear the brunt of the work
  • Is ready to pitch in when another team member needs support
  • Willingly shares their knowledge and expertise with others
  • Views successes as a collective effort
Take the time to consider this list and identify any areas where you may need to grow. By becoming a great team player, you will open yourself up to many new opportunities!

Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 11/15 - 11/21


Nov 18 - Stacey King, 7 yrs


Happy Birthday to:


Nov 15 - Jamele Benson, Tyler Downey, Alexis Fairley, Shane Grant, Taj Grant, Lenecia Griffin, Harold Harden, Shonqualin Hendrix, Shedrick Mayweather, Jose Melendez, Brian Pressley


Nov 16 - Justin Atkins, Sonja Carter, Benjamin Dread, Laquan Gee, Carl Jackson, Chrishonica Montgomery, Cester Thomas, James Wyatt


Nov 17 - Matt Adams, Edwin Bryant, Kadasia Campbell, Tyler Cranford, Clarence First, Khalil Gray, Kayla Henderson, Ladonna Hicks, Devante Hoover, Yvonne LaClair, William Langston, Michael McCoy, Ervin Motley, Deborah Tilley, Heather Whitley, Markeshia Wimble


Nov 18 - Laura Bengston, Austin Hodo, Laquasha Hutcherson, Cristal Rodriguez, Amanda Short, Deoantray Thompkins, Keyshawn Todriquez, Chanda Warren, John Wright






Nov 19 - Gregory Amos, Amanda Drewitt,  Quanise Johnson, Jasmine McKune, Gregory Mitchell, Bailey Parker, Jamel Rogers,  Marcus Williamson


Nov 20 - Dennis Bentley, Anthony Boykin, Jesse Curry, Jasiah Ferguson, JacQuessia Ferrell, Jervay Grimes, Christina Matanane, Stacy Purnell, James Rosenbalm, Antonio Scurry, Taiena Spearman, Travis Whitehead


Nov 21 - Mial Burton, William Crawford, Jeremy Dykes, Latibbitatta Evans, Amy Hatcher, Johnny Jones, Kevin Maine, Dennis McCaslin, Jason Newton, Ransom Pate, Daniel Pistorio, Martez Robinson, Shaun Sawyer





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We humbly thank your organization for choosing to invest in the lives of our young people today so that together we may train the next generation of confident, competent, and wholesome leaders.."


Shout Out

Do you have a coworker in mind that you want to thank or give a shout out to? Someone who has a Spirit of Excellence and goes above and beyond? Submit their name and describe what they did and you will give them a chance to shine just as they make our company shine! Each month we will draw one shout out for a prize and feature on Facebook.


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Bonus Program:

$150 for EACH Management Level Employee Referred

$100 for EACH Skilled Applicant Referred

$50 for EACH Field Representative Referred

Average grades of 3.0 or higher are required and the reward is granted after the new employee works 200 hours.

Target Position:(referral position within 200 hour eligibility period)

Field Rep, LIT, Assistant Lead, Lead, Carpenter, Field Manager

If you know anyone that would be a great fit for ProVantage, refer them today!


For complete rules and eligibility, or questions regarding this program, please contact recruiting at or 919.600.6160 x302