Giving Thanks

5 Ways To Express Gratitude in the Workplace

Though it may seem unlikely, the simple virtue of gratitude can enhance nearly every aspect of your life. In your relationships, it builds trust and communication. On a personal level, it improves your mental well-being and appreciation for life. And from a business perspective, gratitude enriches a company's culture and invigorates production.

However, it's important to remember that gratitude isn't merely recognizing your blessings but expressing them. When you do not effectively demonstrate your appreciation, you don't reap the rewards that gratitude offers. After all, what's the point of saying "thank you" if no one receives your praise?

In the following article, we'll discuss several methods to help you effectively show your gratitude to coworkers. In doing so, we hope you'll not only grow professionally - and in turn help the company grow - but that you'll flourish in every aspect of your life. Without further ado, here are five ways to express gratitude in the workplace.

1. Say, "Thank you."

No two words are more powerful than "thank you," especially in a collaborative environment. Letting your coworkers know you appreciate their efforts through face-to-face communication improves trust and camaraderie.


That said, don't forget to explain why you are thankful. When showing gratitude, be sure to use the phrase, "Thank you for..." Siting a specific action or situation shows you're being sincere in your appreciation.

2. Send a shout-out.

At ProVantage, we developed a shout-out system specifically to improve gratitude within our organization. Sending a shout-out is an excellent opportunity to recognize your coworkers on a company-wide platform that makes others aware of their achievements.


We highly encourage you to spread the word about how incredible your coworkers are! To submit a shout-out, simply fill out the form at this link. This form is also attached to the ProDaily, so you can send a shout-out at any time.

3. Write a note.

One of the best ways to express gratitude is by writing a handwritten note. In the age of technology, we rarely pick up a pen, so writing a thank you letter shows you're willing to take the time and effort to recognize your coworker.


Moreover, writing a note leaves a lasting reminder of your gratitude. While vocalizing your appreciation is necessary, a handwritten letter is a tangible object that will reinforce your appreciation for weeks, months, or even years to come.

4. Reward your coworkers.

Sometimes the best way to show your appreciation is to reward your coworkers. This could be anything from a small gift card, planning a team bonding event, or taking your coworker out to lunch. After all, nothing says "thank you" like a free meal.


Not only will rewards demonstrate your thanks, but they also drive productivity. Rewards can be a strong incentive for coworkers to continue producing exceptional work.

5. Return the favor.

When a coworker goes above and beyond to help you out, a great way to thank them is by returning the favor. For instance, if a coworker helped you complete a difficult task, you can reciprocate their kindness by assisting them on a different assignment.


Selflessness is infectious, so returning the favor will create a cycle of generosity within your team. More often than not, your coworkers will take notice of this behavior and feel inspired to do the same.

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