Leading the Way

5 Tips to Become a Better Team Lead

by Mike Bryant, Director of Client Relations

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

— John F. Kennedy

As a Team Lead at Provantage Corporate Solutions, every decision you make is guided by our 5 core values: Spirit of Excellence, Doing the Right Thing, We Before Me, Innovate to Elevate, and Grace Through Generosity.


But in order to maximize your potential, it's imperative that you challenge yourself, as well as your team. This means taking risks, listening to suggestions, and developing new skills. Although it may seem like a daunting task, a true leader—especially a Team Lead at ProVantage—never shies away from a test.


Ready to propel your career to the next level? Here are 5 management tips guaranteed to help you become a more effective Team Lead.

1. Time Management & Expectations 

Establish time limits

Time limits will make projects more feasible, rather than simple to-do lists. 

Set realistic goals

Realistic goals empower Field Reps. and give them the autonomy to make decisions. 

Inspire excellence. 

Time isn’t the only measure of success. Motivate your employees to produce work that goes above and beyond Provantage’s "Spirit of Excellence." 

2. Delegation

Don't do everything yourself.

An effective Lead knows that "We Before Me" is the most important aspect of their job. Trust your team, give them clear directives, and let them accomplish tasks. 

Be ready to answer questions.

When you delegate assignments, give clear directions and always ask, "Are there any questions?"

We all start somewhere.

Maybe you think the task you’ve assigned is easy. But, remember: you didn't know everything in the beginning. Our field reps are in the same position you were...show them the ropes.

3. Build a Culture

Coach by walking around.

Influential leaders understand the value of speaking face-to-face with employees. So, make yourself available throughout the shift. The team will accomplish more and trust you if they know you’re approachable.

Build camaraderie.

Make friendly conversation and get to know your employees. This will increase morale within your team. 

Always be honest.

Be honest with your constituents and always "Do the Right Thing," not just for the team but also the client. 

4. Listen to Feedback

Actively listen.

Always be fully present and responsive during a conversation. Ask employees how things are going and find out what is and isn’t working. 

Hear employees out.

Never shoot down a team member’s idea. Field Reps. can be a vital source of ideas for accomplishing tasks, so it’s important they know their opinions are heard, not ignored.

Have an open mind.

"Innovate to Elevate" means being open to new ideas. Carefully consider your employees' suggestions and remember: have an open mind.

5. Celebrate Success

Words of affirmation.

Simple phrases like "thank you" or "good Job" can be powerful motivators; use them often.

Grace through generosity.

Leads can positively impact their team by recognizing stellar performance—this is "Grace through Generosity.” Always reward those employees who consistently go above and beyond.

Teaching moments.

As for mistakes, they happen. But, how you react will be something your employees judge you on. Always make it a point to use mistakes as teaching moments. 

Like any other skill, leadership takes practice.  But with these 5 simple tips in your playbook, you'll be able to manage your team with confidence and poise.

Are you a Field Rep. interested in becoming a New Lead Candidate?