Revolutionizing How We Train

Learn.net is an online learning platform that enables companies to create and distribute training materials at the click of a button. Equipped with customizable lessons, virtual tests, and real-time analytics, ProVantage supervisors can ensure first-class training for every employee.

While the information on Cruxos is an effective reference for employees, Learn.net provides ProVantage with an added level of accountability and effectiveness in the training process. 


Personalized Training

No one learns the same. That's why Learn.net allows you to design lessons and send them to specific employees and teams. ProVantage Supervisors will be able to curate materials for team members based on areas of improvement. 

Test Your Knowledge

With Learn.net, Supervisors can create tests to ensure participation in training lessons. In fact, they can even establish passing and failing grades to evaluate employees' comprehension of training materials.

Refresh Your Memory

Learn.net allows employees to review previous lessons and retake tests. This way, team members can get a "refresher" on specific protocols and procedures. Supervisors can also modify training based on their team's needs.

Client-Specific Training

One potential benefit of Learn.net is the ability to create client-specific training materials. This way, employees can learn the procedures and expectations of clients before arriving on the job site.

Training at Your Fingertips

Learning on the Fly

Learn.net is optimized for mobile devices, as well as PCs, so employees can train anywhere, any time.

Consumable Training

Learn.net uses an intuitive interface, microlearning activitities, and gamification to make learning fun and digestible.

Real-time Insights

With immediate analytics of course completion and test results, Supervisors can identify gaps in knowledge.

To learn more about this training software, please visit their website here.