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We wish all our employees and clients a very happy, safe, healthy, and successful New Year in 2021!
Stay safe, stay healthy!
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  • ProVantage is hiring!  If you know anyone that would be a great fit for ProVantage, refer them today!
  • Job assignments are sent through ProV email. Managers, please remind employees and new hires to check ProVantage email accounts at least every other day.





Employee Spotlight of The Week!


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Access your W-2 whenever, wherever you are!
Ready to take control of accessing your W-2?
We are pleased to inform you that you can now select electronic delivery of your W-2 for 2020! Your W-2 will be available for viewing and downloading in PDF format simply by logging into your ADP account.
Not only will you have access to your W-2 at your fingertips, but all your pay stubs will also be visible in real-time as well. In order to receive your W-2 electronically instead of as a paper copy, you will need to follow the directions below to give your consent before 12/20/20.
Login to your ADP account by going to
If you haven’t created an account yet, click ‘Create Account’
Company registration code – Provantage-ipay
Prefer to continue receiving your W-2 via mail? That’s okay as well! Please take a moment to update your contact information using the form below. It’s important to update your contact information in order for you to receive your W-2 in a timely manner or if we need to contact you.
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Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 12/27 - 01/02


Dec 31 - Meredith Rose,  12 Yrs


Dec 29:

Georgia Bass, 1 Yr

Michael Carpenter, 1 Yr 

John Wall, 1 Yr


Dec 30:

Purva Jain, 1 Yr

Keith Johnson, 1 Yr

Jesus Velazquez,  1 Yr


Jan 02: 

Kayla Brennick, 1 Yr

Kenneth Daniel,  1 Yr

Maria Rico Duran, 1 Yr

Happy Birthday to:


Dec 27 - Benjamin Absher, Ariyanna Lampley, Latisha McWilliams


Dec 28 - Deon Harris, Demarcus May, Adrian Valentine, Lakeadria Wynn


Dec 29 - J'Kobe Everett, Malik Fogg, Dario Malave, Chad Robinson, Darryl Whiters


Dec 30 - Jeffrey Dean, Joe Dubose, Jordan Hall, Willie Vaughn




Dec 31 - Candice Bunch, Jorden Clark, Markail Collier, Keyshawn Collins


Jan 01 - Irvin Beacham, Abdellatif Baba, Maria Hernandez, Jay Ketchum, Julie McKinney, Tajuanna Samuels, Nathaniel Traybor


Jan 02 - Coty Cherry, Austin Sargent, Christopher Thompson, Matthew Turner





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We humbly thank your organization for choosing to invest in the lives of our young people today so that together we may train the next generation of confident, competent, and wholesome leaders.."


Shout Out

Do you have a coworker in mind that you want to thank or give a shout out to? Someone who has a Spirit of Excellence and goes above and beyond? Submit their name and describe what they did and you will give them a chance to shine just as they make our company shine! Each month we will draw one shout out for a prize and feature on Facebook.


Current ProV Jobs are in (States):

  • TX
  • AL
  • FL
  • VA
  • KY
  • AZ
  • MS
  • GA
  • TN
  • SC
  • NC
  • NJ 
  • PA


Bonus Program:

$150 for EACH Management Level Employee Referred

$100 for EACH Skilled Applicant Referred

$50 for EACH Field Representative Referred

Average grades of 3.0 or higher are required and the reward is granted after the new employee works 200 hours.

Target Position:(referral position within 200 hour eligibility period)

Field Rep, LIT, Assistant Lead, Lead, Carpenter, Field Manager

If you know anyone that would be a great fit for ProVantage, refer them today!


For complete rules and eligibility, or questions regarding this program, please contact recruiting at or 919.600.6160 x302