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  • Job assignments are sent through ProV email. 
  • Managers, please remind employees and new hires to check ProVantage email accounts at least every other day.







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Property check-in instructions 8 steps to a CHECK-IN:

1. Open an existing reservation or create a new one.
2. Tap the STAY tab.
3. Tap the COMPANY field.
4. Select COMPANY on the Pop-up box.
5. Type FULL CP Code: Motel6 - CPV6FR4Y or Studio6 - CPAQI2RU, with NO spaces
7. Tap CHECK BOX next to Company Name.
8. Tap SAVE to Complete

Or you can call 1-800-544-4866 to make a reservation! 
Other Motel Codes:
  • Extended Stay - EAPRV
  • Red Roof Inn - 608745
  • Choice Hotels - 00444230

    If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact or call (919) 600 - 6160 ext. 301


Access your W-2 whenever, wherever you are!
Ready to take control of accessing your W-2?
We are pleased to inform you that you can now select electronic delivery of your W-2 for 2020! Your W-2 will be available for viewing and downloading in PDF format simply by logging into your ADP account.
Not only will you have access to your W-2 at your fingertips, but all your pay stubs will also be visible in real-time as well. In order to receive your W-2 electronically instead of as a paper copy, you will need to follow the directions below to give your consent before 12/20/20.
Login to your ADP account by going to
If you haven’t created an account yet, click ‘Create Account’
Company registration code – Provantage-ipay
Prefer to continue receiving your W-2 via mail? That’s okay as well! Please take a moment to update your contact information using the form below. It’s important to update your contact information in order for you to receive your W-2 in a timely manner or if we need to contact you.
Contact Information Update - > Click Here

Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 01/03 - 01/09


Jan 8:

Rebecca Benjamin, 3 Yrs


Jan 7:

Kristie Baxter, 2 Yrs


Jan 9:

Shinya Collier, 2 Yrs


Jan 5: 

Russell Shorter, 1 Yr 


Jan 6: 

Raymond Santiago, 1 Yr 

Richard Welte, 1 Yr 


Jan 7: 

Kimberly Reynolds, 1 Yr 


Jan 8: 

Michael Dewitt, 1 Yr 

Timothy Elebeck, 1 Yr 

Keshia Staggs, 1 Yr

Happy Birthday to:


Jan 3 - Markey Boykin, Christina Justice, Tajuan Murphy, Immanuel Wilson 


Jan 4 - Keith Alesius, Briyana McNair, Janette Salazar, Tiquaria Stanfill 


Jan 5 - Evelyn Bland, Leslie Collins, Wilson Davenport, Devion Gulley , Vincent Silva, Michael Tate 


Jan 6 - Anthony Evans, Douglas Miller, Demonya Stanford 




Jan 7 - Yordi Bautista, Tamaura Brownlee, Amanda Carrasquillo, Joseph Gulledge, Bryon Metzker, Jason Posadas


Jan 8 - Tyronika Allen, Cameron Gonzalez, Mylik Greer, Rodney Haynes, Dennis Jenkins, Shaquaille Smith


Jan 9 - Christopher Dennison, Aniya Dixon, Demetria Dubose, Terrance Reynolds



Click out our article from Triangle Business Journal:!



We humbly thank your organization for choosing to invest in the lives of our young people today so that together we may train the next generation of confident, competent, and wholesome leaders.."


Shout Out

Do you have a coworker in mind that you want to thank or give a shout out to? Someone who has a Spirit of Excellence and goes above and beyond? Submit their name and describe what they did and you will give them a chance to shine just as they make our company shine! Each month we will draw one shout out for a prize and feature on Facebook.


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