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Happy Fourth of July, team!
Sending you joy and appreciation as we celebrate our independence.
Please be safe and enjoy the holiday!


Please Note: The office will be closed Friday, July 2, in observance of the holiday.
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  • Please listen carefully, press 1 for Recruiting and press 2 for Scheduling.
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Employee Spotlight of the Week!

Shout Outs of the Week: 

The Lowe's Team in Holly Springs, NC


"I would to like recognize and give a huge shout out to the ProV Lowe's new store team in Holly Springs NC. From the very start of this project our ProV team set the standard on this job. Our experience, hard work and dedication was noticeable throughout the project and very much appreciated. Thank you team for making myself and ProV very proud!"


- Brent Carpenter, National Field Manager
The Walmart Team in Mesquite, NV


"I would like to shout out the Mesquite, NV Walmart team, who has received two glowing reviews from our Walmart partners. They kicked off a 7-day/week project with 40+ employees in fantastic fashion, so shoutouts to Eric Rice, Richard Welte, Kody Dove, Jackie Gaiamore, Marques Barnes, and the entire team on site."


- Houston Hawley, Director of Field Operations



Teamwork Thursday | 07.01.21

How to Have a Safe 4th of July

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As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day, many of us plan to attend fireworks displays, a backyard picnic, or perhaps enjoy fun in the water at a waterpark, beach, or pool. The American Red Cross wants you to enjoy a fun-packed, safe holiday and offers these tips you can follow over the upcoming holiday.



The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public firework show put on by professionals. Stay at least 500 feet away from the show. Many states outlaw most fireworks. Leave any area immediately where untrained amateurs are using fireworks. If you are setting fireworks off at home, follow these safety steps:

  1. Never give fireworks to small children, and never throw or point a firework toward people, animals, vehicles, structures or flammable materials. Always follow the instructions on the packaging.
  2. Keep a supply of water close by as a precaution.
  3. Make sure the person lighting fireworks always wears eye protection.
  4. Light only one firework at a time and never attempt to relight "a dud."
  5. Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.



  1. Don’t leave food out in the hot sun. Keep perishable foods in a cooler with plenty of ice or freezer gel packs.
  2. Wash your hands before preparing the food.
  3. If you are going to cook on a grill, always supervise the grill when in use. Don’t add charcoal starter fluid when coals have already been ignited. Use the long-handled tools especially made for cooking on the grill to keep the chef safe.
  4. Never grill indoors. Keep the grill out in the open, away from the house, the deck, tree branches, or anything that could catch fire.
  5. Make sure everyone, including pets, stays away from the grill.



Children and adults should learn to swim so they at least achieve the skills of water competency: be able to enter the water, get a breath, stay afloat, change position, swim a distance and then get out of the water safely. Watch the weather and get out of the water at the first sign of lightning or the rumble of thunder. Stay indoors and away from water for 30 minutes after the last lightning flashes or thunder roars.


Plan ahead for aquatic activities:

  1. Provide close and constant attention to children you are supervising in or near water
  2. Fence pools and spas with adequate barriers, including four-sided fencing
  3. Learn swimming and water survival skills
  4. Children, inexperienced swimmers, and all boaters should wear properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets;
  5. Always swim in a lifeguarded area.



  1. If you plan to swim in the ocean, a lake, or river, be aware that swimming in these environments is different than swimming in a pool. Be sure you have the skills for these environments.
  2. Swim only at a beach with a lifeguard, within the designated swimming area. Obey all instructions and orders from lifeguards and ask them about local conditions.
  3. Make sure you swim sober and that you always swim with a buddy. Know your limitations and make sure you have enough energy to swim back to shore.
  4. Protect your neck – don’t dive headfirst. Walk carefully into open waters. Watch out for and avoid aquatic life.
  5. If you are caught in a rip current, try not to panic. Signal to those on shore that you need assistance. Swim parallel to the shore until you are out of the current. Once you are free, swim toward shore. If you can't swim to the shore, float or tread water until you are free of the rip current and then head toward shore.



  1. Make sure lifeguards are on duty before you go in the water and follow all their instructions.
  2. Wear protective clothing, including a hat and some kind of cover-up for when you’ve had enough sun. Use sunscreen before leaving home and reapply during the day.
  3. Parents – keep an eye on the kids. If they can’t swim or are less than four feet tall, have them wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket.
  4. Signal a lifeguard if you see someone is in trouble. Yell if you need to grab attention, but don’t go in after the person yourself.
  5. Set up a meeting place in case someone gets separated from your group. Use the buddy system to make sure no child is alone.


Hot off the press! Check out this month's edition of the Rosewood newsletter, The Insider.


🚨Updated COVID Guidelines for Field-Level Employees🚨


Team: We created this memo to provide updates regarding how COVID-19 affects our workplace with so many changes happening. The attached memo outlines the new COVID guidelines, which are effective immediately.
It is important that you familiarize yourself with the updated COVID guidelines by reviewing the memo. Once you’ve reviewed the memo, please contact our HR department if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you & stay safe!


Take the June Safety Quiz!


Junes' Safety Quiz is up and running! The topic this month is Ladder Safety.


All Active field-level employees have a chance to win a prize every quarter. All you have to do is take the quiz.

If you correctly answer the questions, you will be entered into a quarterly raffle for company SWAG.


The final Leadership Live of Quarter 2 has come and gone! If you need to catch up (and want to earn a pin), watch all three sessions below!


As a reminder, if you did not attend the live webinars, please answer the three questions at the end of each video. After completing the questions, email your answers to to receive credit!


April Session - Personal Finance: Budgeting, Saving, Investing, and Credit Repair

May Session - Wellness: Nutrition, Self-Care, Mental Health, Overcoming Burnout, and More

June Session - Cybersecurity and Internet Safety


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In the reboot episode of ProTalk with Scott J. Medeiros, Scott sits down with Group President, Matt Epps, to discuss resiliency in the face of COVID-19. With inside access to ProVantage's Executive Management Team, Matt gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at how the company has weathered the storm & more…


ProTalk: Word of the Month


Hey, team! If you haven't heard, our company podcast, ProTalk with Scott Medeiros, is live on Spotify.


To help promote engagement, we included a segment called Word of the Month.


Here's how it works:


At a random point in each episode, the guest will pick a word, any word, to be the Word of the Month. 


For the following month, until the release of the next episode, there will be a survey in the ProDaily where you can submit the Word of the Month. But, be quick! Because the first 3 listeners to submit the Word of the Month will win one ProVantage swag item.


Good luck & enjoy the podcast!


**NOTE: If you submitted the survey before Monday, June 7, please resubmit your answers and write "#2" next to your name (we experienced some technical difficulties). Sorry for the inconvenience.**


If you know someone who would be a great fit for ProVantage, have them apply today. We believe that the people in the best position to recommend a new employee are those already a part of our team!


Here's everything you need to know:

Referral Bonus Payout:

$50 for EACH Field Representative You Refer

$100 for EACH Skilled Applicant You Refer (LIT, ASST Lead, Carpenter Assistant)

$150 for EACH Management Level Employee You Refer (Lead, Carpenter, Manager)



Average grades of 3.0 or higher are required and the reward is granted after the new employee works 200 hours.


Don't Forget to Bring Your Own Tools!


Tools are an essential aspect of your job at ProVantage, so don't forget to come prepared! Please show up to work every day with all of the following equipment (listed below & pictured above), and remember: it's your responsibility to buy tools.


What to bring: Tape Measure, Box Cutter, Rubber Mallet, Screwdrivers, Basic Socket Set, Slip Joint & Angle Cut Pliers, Cordless Power Drill, Level, and Steel Toe Boots.

*If you need to borrow a tool from a coworker, please ask beforehand and remember to return it*


Don't know where to buy tools at an affordable price? Let us know! Email, and we'll point you toward vendors with affordable equipment.


Check out this terrific deal on lodging from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts!


Attached you'll find a flyer offering a 10% discount for ProVantage employees. To receive the discount, visit and use the Corporate Code 1000054787 or call (877) 999-3223 and ask for the discount associated with ProVantage Corporate Solutions.


Here's an exciting new offer from Red Roof Inn!


Attached you will find an updated flyer showing the 20% discount Red Roof is now offering our employees for both personal and business travel. Feel free to reach out to Denice Fleshman to secure even lower rates. Her contact information is listed below.


Also, Red Roof is raffling off a $50 AMAZON gift card to TWO lucky ProVantage Merchandisers that stay at any Red Roof location (Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, The Red Collection, or HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof) between 4/1/21 and 6/30/21.


Once ProVantage Merchandisers collectively use 300 rooms at Red Roof during the dates listed above, Red Roof will award a THIRD $50 AMAZON gift card.


Let’s continue to be financially savvy when booking hotel stays during your assignments!


Denice Fleshman:

(540) 522-4317


Attention Simi Valley Employees:


La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Thousand Oaks--Newbury Park is now offering ProVantage employees a rate of $84.00 for the duration of this project! It also includes Wake Up on the Brightside Breakfast, complimentary parking, and complimentary internet access.


This rate can be obtained by booking online using our corporate code or calling the reservation line @ (800) 407-9832.


Please feel free to reach out to us if there are any additional questions or concerns. 


Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 06/27 - 07/03
11 Year - Tim Class


1 Year - Eric Austin, Lisa Colton-Fowler, Terrance Diamond, Cristy Helms, Christina Justice, Dee Mack


1 Year - Troy Quigley


2 Years - Jamal Graham, Devanta Jackson, Vicki Scarborough


1 Year - Tori Painter, Melissa Stalvey






Happy Birthday to:


June 27 - Stephen Garrett, Ameril Guidry, Malita Hutchins, Chelsea Maldonado, Nikki Powe, Terrence Saunders, Dametria Washington


June 28 - Victoria Burns, Katrina Causey, Kameelah Jones, Eddie Wesley
June 29 - Matthew Earnest, Laaei'Mairiss Govea, Roger Greene, Chris Griffiths, Brandon Hill, Jeffrey Horton, Sakima Ivy, Marcus Meredith, Elizabeth O'Bryan, Gerald Sanders
June 30 - Shanterria Clark, Nicholette Garcia, Michael Grandstaff, Raejhan Joe, Brandon Kelly, Danny Lorentzen, Melissa Narvaez, Christopher Perry, Maranda Rollyson, Brian Sanchious



July 1 - Timothy Fernandes, Mando Lopez, Gratin McMillan, Roseanna Ridge, Kyla Thomas


July 2 - Natalee Akner-Jennison, Sabrina Henderson, Mikhail Hollis, Rebecca Steineman


July 3 - Jordan Daniels, Sara Dodson, Brandon Hause, Terry McQueen, Gabriel Milla, Joshua Natte, Michael Roberts-Brown, Joshua Vilsaint


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Studio6 - CPAQI2RU


Choice Hotels - 00444230
Red Roof Inn - 608745


Wyndham - 1000054787