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Here's everything you need to know:

Referral Bonus Payout:

$50 for EACH Field Representative You Refer

$100 for EACH Skilled Applicant You Refer (LIT, ASST Lead, Carpenter Assistant)

$150 for EACH Management Level Employee You Refer (Lead, Carpenter, Manager)



Average grades of 3.0 or higher are required and the reward is granted after the new employee works 200 hours.

News of the Day


  • When calling the main number at ProVantage, (919) 600-6160, the menu options have changed.
  • Please listen carefully, press 1 for Recruiting and press 2 for Scheduling.
  • Please use your ProVantage email account.

Employee Spotlight of the Week!

Shout Out of the Week: 

The Lowe's Team in Holly Springs, NC


"A huge shout out to the Walmart Store #3356 in Las Vegas (Warm Springs), NV.  Eric Rice (PM), Richard Welte (FM), Tinesha Mathews (Lead), Vicky Scarborough (LIT), Kassandra Dumas (LIT), and the rest of the team completed the site 1 hour under quota hours with a 5-star review from the client.
This is the epidemy of a well-ran, collaborative project – fantastic job to this entire team!"


- Houston Hawley, Director of Field Operations


Facebook Friday| 07.09.21

How to Jump-Start a Car

Courtesy of View the Original article here.


Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just starting out, getting in the know about how to jump a dead battery can be a real time-saver. And this knowledge can help you stress less so you can get back on the road faster.


Your first step is to figure out what caused the battery to die. If it’s completely drained for seemingly no reason at all, you may have to buy and install a new one. But if you simply left a light on, you can likely use jumper cables and a running car to get it started again. Take a look at this step-by-step guide to getting your car up and running when your battery’s dead.


Steps to Jump-Start Your Car Battery

Jump starting your car battery can be tricky when you’re not sure what to do. But don’t fear! We’re here to help you through the process every step of the way.


1. Travel with jumper cables in your car. There’s no jumping your car without them. If your car isn’t starting and you’re in a parking garage, you may be able to recruit the help of a staffer to help find a pair of cables. If not, you’ll have to ask around. Think about putting together a car safety kit that includes jumper cables to help you if the unexpected happens. You’ll be glad you have it in place should you ever need it.


2. Ask someone with a running car to help. Look around for someone to help you jump your car or call a friend if they’re nearby.


3. Park the cars engine to engine. Whoever you recruited to help will ideally park their car “nose to nose” with your car so that your jumper cables will reach from one battery to the other.


4. Turn off both cars. Before attaching the jumper cables, be sure that the volunteer’s engine is not running.


5. Turn on the flashers. This is extra important to improve safety if you’re jumping the car on the side of the road. This way people know you’re there and can move over.


6. Engage the parking brakes. Play it safe and apply the parking brakes in both cars. That way the cars will be less likely to drift on you when you’re standing out in front of them.


7. Attach the red jumper cable clamps first. Start with the red terminal (look for + or POS on the terminal) of the dead battery. Then attach the second red clamp to the battery of the other vehicle.


8. Attach the black cable clamps next. This time, attach the black cable to the working car’s battery black terminal (look for – or NEG). Then, attach the other black clamp to an unpainted, metal part of the engine — preferably onto a clean nut or bolt on the engine block.


9. Start the working car. Let the car run for a few moments in order to run a charge to the dead battery.


10. Try to start the car with the dead battery. Turn the key and start the engine! The current from the running car should bring the dead car back to life.


11. If the dead car doesn’t start, rev up the other engine and try again. Have the driver in the running car give it some gas for a few seconds and attempt to start your car again.


12. Disconnect the jumper cables after your car starts. Detach the cables carefully, starting first with the black clamps. Then disconnect the red clamps.


13. Take it for a spin. Drive your car for a while to charge the battery.


14. If it doesn’t start, get it serviced. If your car doesn’t start after following these instructions, there may be bigger issues that need to be explored by a mechanic.


Heads up, folks...we've got a doozy this week! 
Scott's former cohost, Houston Hawley, rekindles his role for a discussion about adaptation. As the Director of Field Operations, Houston provides excellent insight into the collaboration between ProVantage and InDemand Services, as well as how we're adjusting as COVID-19 enters the rearview mirror. Tune in, and don't forget to like & share on social media!


ProTalk: Word of the Month


Hey, team! Interested in winning some free ProVantage Swag? Don't forget to submit the Word of the Month for Episode 2 of ProTalk with Scott J. Medeiros.


If you don't know what Word of the Month is, here's how it works:


At a random point in each episode, the guest will pick a word, any word, to be the Word of the Month. 


For the following month, until the release of the next episode, there will be a survey in the ProDaily where you can submit the Word of the Month. But, be quick! Because the first 3 listeners to submit the Word of the Month will win one ProVantage swag item.


Good luck & enjoy the podcast!


Hot off the press! Check out this month's edition of the Rosewood newsletter, The Insider.


🚨Updated COVID Guidelines for Field-Level Employees🚨


Team: We created this memo to provide updates regarding how COVID-19 affects our workplace with so many changes happening. The attached memo outlines the new COVID guidelines, which are effective immediately.
It is important that you familiarize yourself with the updated COVID guidelines by reviewing the memo. Once you’ve reviewed the memo, please contact our HR department if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you & stay safe!


If you know someone who would be a great fit for ProVantage, have them apply today. We believe that the people in the best position to recommend a new employee are those already a part of our team!


Here's everything you need to know:

Referral Bonus Payout:

$50 for EACH Field Representative You Refer

$100 for EACH Skilled Applicant You Refer (LIT, ASST Lead, Carpenter Assistant)

$150 for EACH Management Level Employee You Refer (Lead, Carpenter, Manager)



Average grades of 3.0 or higher are required and the reward is granted after the new employee works 200 hours.


Don't Forget to Bring Your Own Tools!


Tools are an essential aspect of your job at ProVantage, so don't forget to come prepared! Please show up to work every day with all of the following equipment (listed below & pictured above), and remember: it's your responsibility to buy tools.


What to bring: Tape Measure, Box Cutter, Rubber Mallet, Screwdrivers, Basic Socket Set, Slip Joint & Angle Cut Pliers, Cordless Power Drill, Level, and Steel Toe Boots.

*If you need to borrow a tool from a coworker, please ask beforehand and remember to return it*


Don't know where to buy tools at an affordable price? Check out the link below!


Check out this terrific deal on lodging from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts!


Attached you'll find a flyer offering a 10% discount for ProVantage employees. To receive the discount, visit and use the Corporate Code 1000054787 or call (877) 999-3223 and ask for the discount associated with ProVantage Corporate Solutions.


Here's an exciting offer from Red Roof Inn!


Attached you will find an updated flyer showing the 20% discount Red Roof is now offering our employees for both personal and business travel. Feel free to reach out to Denice Fleshman to secure even lower rates. Her contact information is listed below.


Twp $50 AMAZON gift card have already been rewarded to ProVantage Merchandisers who stayed at a Red Roof location (Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, The Red Collection, or HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof) between 4/1/21 and 6/30/21.


Once ProVantage Merchandisers collectively use 300 rooms at Red Roof during the dates listed above, Red Roof will award a THIRD $50 AMAZON gift card.


Let’s continue to be financially savvy when booking hotel stays during your assignments!


Denice Fleshman:

(540) 522-4317


Attention Simi Valley Employees:


La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Thousand Oaks--Newbury Park is now offering ProVantage employees a rate of $84.00 for the duration of this project! It also includes Wake Up on the Brightside Breakfast, complimentary parking, and complimentary internet access.


This rate can be obtained by booking online using our corporate code or calling the reservation line @ (800) 407-9832.


Please feel free to reach out to us if there are any additional questions or concerns. 


Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 07/04 - 07/10
1 Year - Travis Scott, Marques Barnes, Leon Ferguson, Tia Fountain, Scherita Jefferson, Zachary Jenkins, Domonique Mahone, Gwen Mckenzie, Shawn Scurry, Randy Smith, Rebecca Stumer, Brittani Wright


1 Year - Alexandro Alba, Timothy Fernandes, Cinard Floyd, Telor Habersham, Sean McCarthy, Gratin McMillan


1 Year - Nicholette Garcia, Thomas Jones, Nathaniel Skinner


2 Years - Sarah Morgan


3 Years - Tinesha Mathews








Happy Birthday to:


July 4 - James Anderson


July 5 - Sawadjna Jean, Keshaundra Level, Steven Lowe, Yvonne McClain


July 6 - Sierra Cathcart, John Demaree, Truitt Johnson, Tajarvous Miller, Chris Souza, David Williams
July 7 - Charles Bowen, Robert Jones, Meredith McDonald, Omesha White



July 8 - Zaria Ackey, Sha'Quan Dickerson, Letrice Drake, Jacqueline Gaiamore, Chasity Hamburg


July 9 - Gabriel Evans, Bridget Johnson, Douglas Jones, Jasmine Melvin, Jashaun Wilkes, Terrica Williams


July 10 - James Hurst, David Justus, Crystal Oakley


Shout Out

Do you have a coworker in mind that you want to thank or give a shout-out to? Someone who has a Spirit of Excellence and goes above and beyond? Submit their name and describe what they did and you will give them a chance to shine just as they make our company shine! Each month we will draw one shout-out for a prize and feature on Facebook.


Motel6 - CPV6FR4Y


Extended Stay - EAPRV


Studio6 - CPAQI2RU


Choice Hotels - 00444230
Red Roof Inn - 608745


Wyndham - 1000054787