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It's the season of giving!
Our HR Department did a random act of kindness and collected donations for The Dwelling Homeless Church. We are pleased to be a part of supporting the community!

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"The best team members are not considered great because of one task they completed or one problem they solved. They show up every day, give their best effort, support their colleagues, and bring positivity to the workplace."
News of the Day
  • Please use your ProVantage email account.  We will communicate through your ProV account and not your personal email accounts.  Job assignments are sent through ProV email.
  • Please send in pictures to - remember to include the location of the project and employee names.
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Employee Spotlight of the Week!

Shout Out of the Week: 

Ian Lacy, Field Rep.
Kayla Brennick, Field Rep.
"Thank you both for being flexible and changing your travel plans at the last minute. Both of you were set to start on a project in Torrance, CA, but heard the call for an urgent staffing need and were graciously willing to assist and re-route to San Diego, CA, to assist on a different project. Your willingness to help when and where needed is really appreciated."


- Scheduling Department
"It can be hard to get those around you on board with learning how to improve efficiency at work. These productivity tips for work will give you ways to start increasing productivity in your workplace."
In this episode, Director of Construction Services & Bid Operations, Nick Lay, joins Houston to discuss the ins and outs of traveling with ProVantage. Nick offers excellent advice on the entire travel process, from motel codes and per diem to tips or tricks for sleeping during the day when working on a night shift.⁣


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Did you miss our last Leadership Live? Watch it now to learn about the 9 Medallions Method and become a champion of your life!
Our guest was none other than Kevin D. Carr, an original to Leadership Live. He was once a guest when it was called ProV U!
Kevin is a 20-year sports business and professional development executive, as well as an acclaimed award-winning transition expert, author, leadership coach, and keynote speaker.


Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 03/27 - 04/02


3 Years:
Mar 28 - Thaddeus Lyon


2 Years: 


Mar 31 - Danielle Broderick


1 Year:
Mar 31 - Jeffrey Bonesteel


Happy Birthday to:


Mar 27 - Angel Arreola, Richard Clippinger, Erimasja Green, Ashley Holkem, Gary Sexton, Derek Shinholster


Mar 28 - April Carson, Quontez Cooper, Elijah Fairchild, Damon Gilmore, Dejon Graves, Cory Millard, Kevin West


Mar 29 - Quintarus McCall, Gerardo Medina, Brian Metzker, Briana Mulvey, Amanda Todd


Mar 30 - Anthony Dardie, Julia De La Cruz, Kimberly Reid, Anthony Rogers, Kevin Washington




Mar 31 - Steffy Barralaga, Quinn Cain, Abel Fresquez, Athia Klusmann, Paris Vincent, John Zahari


Apr 01 - Sidney Brooks, Nicole Hatley, Lawrence Overall


Apr 02 - Fabian Gavin, Kyana Graves, Peter Williams

Shout Out

Do you have a coworker in mind that you want to thank or give a shout out to? Someone who has a Spirit of Excellence and goes above and beyond? Submit their name and describe what they did and you will give them a chance to shine just as they make our company shine! Each month we will draw one shout-out for a prize and feature on Facebook.


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Don't Forget to Bring Your Own Tools!
Tools are an essential aspect of your job at ProVantage, so don't forget to come prepared! Please show up to work every day with all of the following equipment (listed below & pictured above), and remember: it's your responsibility to buy tools.
What to bring: Tape Measure, Box Cutter, Rubber Mallet, Screwdrivers, Basic Socket Set, Slip Joint & Angle Cut Pliers, Cordless Power Drill, Level, and Steel Toe Boots.
*If you need to borrow a tool from a coworker, please ask beforehand and remember to return it*
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