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Employee Spotlight of The Month


From Field Representative to Lead: Do You Have it in You?

So, you’re a high performer as a Field Representative. You want to take on more responsibility as a Team Lead. Do you have it in you?


There are many qualities needed to be a successful Team Lead - expertise in reading and executing planograms, experience in assembling fixtures and displays, merchandising and retail experience, attention to detail, just to name a few. However, what characteristics really set our Team Leads apart? What characteristics are shown to lead to success by enhancing the expertise and experience our merchandisers already possess? Studies by organizational psychologists point to a few soft skills which impact project success for these leaders. Some notable soft skills include communication, interpersonal, and problem-finding, analyzing, and solving skills.


Many studies show that high levels of communication skills, the ability to clearly convey task information, lead to high teamwork effectiveness and, therefore, positive project outcomes. At ProVantage, this includes effective communication with team members, department managers, and our clients on-site.


Interpersonal skills involve effectively navigating, motivating, and persuading individuals of different backgrounds while developing relationships with them when needed. The faster a Lead can navigate their team, the faster the team can capitalize on its capabilities and limitations. Studies suggest that, like communication skills, high levels of interpersonal skills lead to positive project outcomes. When combining communication and interpersonal skills, Team Leads are the ideal representatives of the ProVantage image.


A Team Lead with problem-finding, analyzing, and solving skills quickly and accurately identifies potential and current problems in the retail space, while effectively controlling the situation and finding solutions. Effectively analyzing situations and mitigating problems protects the merchandising team and client from costly setbacks and creates a smoother project, overall. This skill, according to a study in 2015, contributes to about 25% of the impact between the leader and positive project outcomes! That is a huge impact on just one soft skill!


Happy Workiversary to these team members!

Week 10/04 - 10/10


Oct 6:

Eric Clayton, 1 Yr 

Harmoni Coltrane, 1 Yr 

Maria Guerra, 1 Yr 

Dashunda Harmon, 1 Yr 

Demetria Shoffner, 1 Yr


Oct 7 - Angel Beck, 2 Yrs

Happy Birthday to:


Oct 4 - Aaliiyah Banks, Stanley Burrell, Demeshia Ford, Anthony Harden, Tahkima Irby, Daniel Lockhart, Kendrick Upshaw


Oct 5 - Niki Adams, Kimma Alsbrook, Paul Alvarado, Massiel Aurich, JaVonne Beamon, Sophia Gainer, Lionel Green, Olton Guynes, James Howard, Matthew Hughes, Anthony Hutchison, Fletcher Johnson, Javon Jones, Alazjia Jones-Sanders, Cynthia Ortiz, Timothy Perez, Corrine Sharp, James Sharpton

Oct 6 - Andrea Esparza, Shannon Hanley, Tyler Montford, Sherman Nixon, LaDon Thomas, Mayra Zambrano


Oct 7 - Kristie Baxter, Jacoreyn Billings, Felicia Celestine, Deep Chand, Heather Hahn, Cassie Henderson, Donviar Jones , Crystal Morris, Jennifer Pressler, Amber Southerland



Oct 8 - Shawnte Bell, Shameika Bell-Moreland, Lavonda Elliott, Dwight Harris , Leticia Hodges, Dakota Meeker, Lisa Nguyen, Roger Odell, Shawn Preece, Christina Slinger, Marcus Smith, Tanya Stine, Rachel Williams, Kevin Williams


Oct 9 - Cherece Bellinger, Daniel Blaine, Caleb Gleghorn, Jamal Graham, Gregory Greene, Khalil Hill, Jimmie Hiners, Maino Mose, Nathalia Persaud, Christopher Taylor, Frank Wilkins, Aldranna Young


Oct 10 - Corey Davis, Maci Harden, Bethany Leavitt, Franceane Melfort, Brad Nelson, Jalisa Pettus

Traveling Team 

We as a company are trying to maintain steady growth as our traveling teams are expanding. By keeping costs low, we have the opportunity to provide more work for longer duration which in return helps both our traveling teams and the company as a whole. We intend on maintaining our Spirit of Excellence as we grow and our continued focus on expenses will certainly help us do so.

Below are the new structure and needed information.

Per Diem Adjustment Request Policy 

Please email all receipts to

Hi Team! 
Mr. Tarence E. Lauchie joined us for our Leadership Live Webinar to discuss Cultural Competency in the workplace last week. 
If you missed it... view here!



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Do you have a coworker in mind that you want to thank or give a shout out to? Someone who has a Spirit of Excellence and goes above and beyond? Submit their name and describe what they did and you will give them a chance to shine just as they make our company shine! Each month we will draw one shout out for a prize and feature on Facebook.

For complete rules and eligibility, or questions regarding this program, please contact recruiting at or 919.600.6160 x302


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